Casa Pizzini Bed and Breakfast - Room Waldara VIC Tourism

Casa Pizzini Bed and Breakfast

accommodation | Waldara VIC 3678

(03) 5721 6537
18 Wangandary Road, Waldara VIC 3678

VIC Tourism welcomes Casa Pizzini Bed and Breakfast, in Waldara for all your holiday accommodation needs, save booking direct with your provider.

Casa Pizzini Bed and Breakfast offers home style comfort and hospitality overlooking Waldara Golf Club in picturesque Northeast Victoria. Casa Pizzini provides guests with all modern conveniences for an enjoyable stay. Using traditional hospitality and friendly service to interstate and local visitors. Casa Pizzini is a customer focused business providing clean comfortable rooms, continental breakfast (or option to purchase a fully cooked breakfast), spa bathroom, dinners on request, and barbecue facilities. Casa Pizzini is located three kilometres from the Wangaratta town centre. Enjoy this city with its well known jazz festival, restaurants, wineries and Milawa Gourmet Region. Close to historical Beechworth, King Valley Wine & Gourmet Food Region, Eldorado Music Festival and the Ned Kelly Precinct at Glenrowan. Central to the Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail and all just an hour's drive to the snowfields and to Albury Wodonga....
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