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Circa 1860

accommodation | Kyneton VIC 3444

(03) 5422 1211
68 Piper Street, Kyneton VIC 3444

VIC Tourism welcomes Circa 1860, in Kyneton for all your holiday accommodation needs, save booking direct with your provider.

Circa 1860 luxury accommodation for a couple is situated in a converted Victorian residence above what was an old chemist shop, standing at the corner of Piper Street and Powlett Streets in Kyneton. Situated in the heart of Kyneton's renowned Piper Street with its chef hatted restaurants, cafes and unique retail experiences, Circa 1860 luxury accommodation features classic interiors, French and Australian antiques, luxurious bed linen, gas fires, artworks from established local artists and exquisite Persian rug floor coverings and reverse cycle air-conditioning. Whether your visit is a well earned weekend get-away or a midweek escape from the City, every attempt has been made to make this a most memorable stay. Circa 1860 is well appointed over two levels of luxury accommodation. Downstairs features a lounge with gas fire, flat screen television and an extensive library. Upstairs features a large dining room with additional lounge area, kitchenette, petite bathroom and magnificent king sized bedroom. Provisions for a continental breakfast are provided as part of the tariff or enquire about the Source Dining package of Lunch or Dinner between Thursday to Sunday....
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